Minister of Social Affairs Melek Ezzehi kicked off Wednesday the project "Financial transfers taking into account the nutrition of the most vulnerable children in Tunisia", developed by the ministry in collaboration with the German government and with the support of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Tunisia.
The minister announced, that students aged 6 to 18 years from needy and low-income families will benefit from an amount of 50 Dt on the occasion of the start of the school  year 2022 - 2023 as part of the "Social Amen" programme.
The minister said that as part of strengthening the social protection system for the benefit of needy and low-income families benefiting from the Social Amen programme, the ministry has worked, in collaboration with its partners, to expand the base of target persons to include children from needy families up to the age of 18 and provide them with a monthly allowance of 30 dinars.
German Ambassador to Tunisia Peter Prugel stressed the impact of the economic and social situation on children, their schooling and their right to health and good nutrition. He also praised the success of the Tunisian experience in investing in human capital, especially children, affirming Germany's willingness to support Tunisia, especially in social programmes for children.
Representative of the United Nations Children's Fund in Tunisia, Marilena Vivani, indicated that UNICEF supports Tunisia in its support of children aged 0 to 5 years as well as those aged 6 to 18 years through this new project, expressing UNICEF's willingness to continue to support Tunisia in its investments in children to ensure that children have an equitable opportunity to develop their potential through quality education, health and nutrition. (TAP)