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Access to information is a universal right embodied inthe article 32 of the Tunisian constitution which stipulates that " The state guarantees the right to information and the right of access to information and communication networks.”

The right to access to information aims to establish democracy, fight against corruption, improve the quality of public services, strengthen the relationship between the administration and the citizen as well as foster their contribution in preparing and monitoring the implementation and evaluation of strategic Public Policy , and supporting Use of Information and Communication Technology.This right is considered as one of the basic principles of good governance, and administrative transparency

Within the framework to setting up basic principles of democratic trajectory, strengthening the principle of administrative transparency, from then on every citizen has the right to be informed about the activities of the public structures of the State, the right to access to information has been established by the Tunisian government according to the fundamental law N ° 22 on March 24, 2016

After having checking the documents which have been previously published by the governmental public structures either on websites, or by a written request to access to administrative information, any information recorded, despite of its form, content and date, direct or by other means , free or for a nominal fee (if the provision of the information requires costs borne by the concerned entity , the applicant will be pre‐ informed of compulsory amount to pay )

However , there is some exceptions in terms information availability some of them remain inaccessible because they may affect private life and personal data, In addition to Intellectual Property Rights as well as it may provoke harm whether to the national security or defence or rather international relations as entitled in articles N° 24‐25‐26‐27 of the present Constitution. The request can be submitted either directly to the concerned body or through a recommendation letter including the required data then the person in charge of access to information will study, fellow up the request and respond without exceeding the indicated deadline.
In case of missing documents, or free appeal without response, or refusal, The applicant to access to information or the concerned body has the right to present a grievance against the administrative decision to the Administrative Court
According to the articles under the present Constitution, in order to preserve proactive dissemination of information, the Ministry of Social Affairs deploys information and documents in conformity with the public rights to access to documents and data in charge.

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Access to information

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