Approval or renewal of approval to recruit doctors to work as occupational physicians


Occupational Health and Safety

Administrative office

Department of Medicinal Inspection and Occupational Safety territorially competent and General direction of medical labor inspection

Service Delivery Deadline

One month at latest from the date of submitting the application

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Présentation du service

Concerned Categories / Service Requester

  • Institution  representative or  Chief of  occupational Medicine group

Grant conditions /Legal framework

  • The institution  must be submitted to the  labor code provisions  

File documents

  • A copy of the national identification card of the concerned doctor.
  • A valid certificate of registration with the Deanship of Physicians for the concerned doctor.
  • An instruction card for the concerned doctor, delivered from the territorially competent Occupational Medicine and Occupational Safety Inspection Department or from the General Department of Occupational Medicine and Occupational Safety Inspection.
  • Four original copies of the work contract concluded between the doctor and the lessor (according to one of the contract models attached to the decision of the Minister of Social Affairs, Solidarity and Tunisians Abroad dated October 27, 2003), or four original copies of the assignment certificate if the doctor in question is subject to an organic law of a public institution

Documents online

fiche de renseignement medecin de travail
Un contrat de travail pour exercer la médecine du travail