Approval or renewal of certification of premises and equipment conceived for medical occupation


Occupational Health and Safety

Administrative office

Department of Medicinal Inspection and Occupational Safety territorially competent and General direction of medical labor inspection

Service Delivery Deadline

One month maximum from the date of submitting the application

The online service is unavailable

Présentation du service

Concerned Categories / Service Requester

  • Institution  representative or  Chief of occupational Medicine group

Grant conditions /Legal framework

  • The institution  must be submitted to the  labor code provisions 
  • Constructing and developing  premise  designed only to carry out  a medical activity  regardless whether it is a private institution  or  an occupational medicine group 
  • Providing  the necessary medical and  technical  equipment 
  • Recruitment of medical staff,  paramedics, technical  and administrative  staff  according  to an  occupational medical  service  procedures 

File documents

  • A written and signed application by the  Institution representative or  Chief of  occupational Medicine group  
  • A fact sheet of medical institution whether  private institution or occupational medicine  group it should be  delivered  by the  Department of Medicinal Inspection and  Occupational Safety territorially competent  and General  direction of medical labor  inspection 
  • The rules of procedure within the institution  or the status of occupational medicine group

Documents online

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