Applications for registration in the  social security program are submitted  to the territorially specialized social  promotion units of the regional  directorates of social affairs after having  met the conditions specified by the  government decree 2020 3 2020 of  2020


The file is composed of the following  necessary documents :

  • Birth Certificates and Extracts for each  family member
  • A Copy of The national ID card For  each  family members over the age of  18  
  • Certificate of school attendance for  children who regularly attend a  vocational training establishment or  a private Institution  for special  education,  vocationnel training for disabled  people. 
  • Certificate of enrollment for students 
  • Copy of the national identity card for  married children living their family or  away from parental home.
  • A photograph of the family  bread  winner and the spouse
  • A copy of the latest water and  electricity consumption bills
  •  A copy of the Health card, if there is,  “with different types”


With  justification documents of their  positions according to the following  cases:

  • Illness or disability: Medical Certificate  for people with chronic or serious  illnesses  
  • Disability : A copy of a valid disability  card
  • Custody of relatives : Certificate of  Residency for each individual 
  • Custody of minors or children Without  family support : Enforcement of  judgment or Certificate of Custody
  • Divorce : Copy of an alimony  Judgment or Certificate of publication  of a case of child neglect 
  • The death of the family ‘s Head : copy  of death Certificate or security report
  • Absence of the family ‘s Head  : copy of death Certificate or security  report
  • Imprisonment of the family ‘s Head:  Copy of  prison Judgement  or   Judicial Decision
  • Rental accommodation : Copy of the  lease agreement 

Filing applications of objection   Following the rejection of the file for  not corresponding to the terms  required by the current decree. 

n In addition, You have the right to  refuse decisions of the regional  technical committee within a maximum  period of 15 days from the date of  notification of the decision, directly to  the competent local or regional  authorities


* The final decision of the committee is  determinate in case of rejection of the  request for opposition; its decision is  absolutely justified.


  • Note : Withdrawal of the benefit of   ‘ Amen security Program ‘  with  reference to chapter 28 as defined in  decree, however , In case of  the person  violates  of or gives a  wrong  information  such behaviours are taking  into account on  making  decision on  attribution of benefits . 

Registration in the local units, reference for examination, by submitting a file consisting of the following required documents:

  • Certificate of attendance or copy of the exams school report for primary and secondary students Transcript grade for students
  • An ordination certificate for students
  • Copy of free health care card at the reduced rate
  • Copy of the national identity card of the guardian and the student's spouse
  • Copy of the student's national identity card and a copy of the national identity card of the student's guardian and spouse
  • Certificate of non-affiliation to one of the social funds for those who do not have health coverage
  • Copy of the professional examination and a copy of the care card from the National Health Insurance Fund for families benefiting from social security

Registration in the local units, reference for examination, by submitting a file

Submting of "disability card" file to  refered local social promotion unit,   According to  chapter 11 of decree n°.  2005‐3086 of November 29, 2005  relating to the creation of regional  committee  for people with disabilities,   the file should include the following  documents

  • Application on behalf of the Minister of  social affairs
  •  Copy of the national identity card for  adults or of teenagers  and a birth  certificate for minors
  • Two photos 
  • A medical certificate form to request a  disability card (to be obtained from the  local social promotion unit) 
  •  Copy of treatment card 
  •  Certificate of Residency in case of  change of residency address 
  •  In case of loss of the disability card, a  certificate of loss will be provided 

Note: In case of refusal of the application to get «disability card", the person concerned may present new coverage by no later than their extended deadlines of two months from the date of notification of the rejection decision. The holder of a disability card may also ask for a review of his file in case of deterioration of his health justified by medical treatment.

For beneficiaries of social Amen program: free care or for reduced rate

Submit application to the local unit including the following documents:

  • Application on behalf of the Minister responsible for social affairs
  • Copy of the national identity card for adults or insurer
  • Copy of the health care card
  • Copy of disability card (obtained from the Local Social Unit)
  • Certificate of attendance if the disabled is a pupil
  • Three estimated prices for the required machine, except for wheelchairs (one price is enough)

The study of the file will be processed by the Regional Committee for Handicapped, the file includes the following documents :

For social insurer in public and private systems

Le file should be submitted to the regional office of The National Health Insurance Fund

  • Medical certificate specifying the type of machine required
  • Copy of the national identity card Copy of the health care card
  • Copy of the health care card
  • Copy of the disability card for a disabled person
  • Application form for medical equipment to be withdrawn whether directly from the Fund ‘s website

The applicant can contact via phone number: 71 952 932 – 71 104 300 - 71 104 200 or via Hotline : 80100295 or access the fund website brc@cnam.nat

Contact whether the local authorities and the (Governorate Delegation) or the Tunisian Solidarity Bank

Application submission for the benefit of the for regional inspection with the Department of Economic Affairs and Investment

Contact the employment Office to Look for job opportunities in the private sector as well as take part in national competitions will be held for this purpose

Application submission for interested  the National Social Security Fund or the  National Pension and Social Welfare  Fund 

For more information, you can a visit  the website of the National Social  Security Fund:

Or by email  :

Or call the numbers: 71849833‐  71796744

And on the website of The National  Pension and Social Welfare Fund  :

Or by e‐mail: 

Or call: 71341100 


Submit an application to the General Administration of Social Security to be presented to the updated advisory committee at the ministry level

Within the framework the Tunisian Union of Social Solidarity’ interventions, families with low income which do not benefit from permant compensation granted by the Ministry of Social Affairs as to avoid double assistance

Centers for special education for people with disabilities should be created according to Functional Specifications as well as under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Affairs

Any student can benefit from a university loan if he not only is the child of the social security beneficiary, but also he is registered in the 1st or 2nd cycle in a public establishment of higher education as well as he does not benefit from whether a national university scholarship or a scholarship within the framework of cooperation or also a University loan granted by the country . In addition, Moreover,he should not exercise any professional activity and get paid for it in this situation , he Can benefit from a University loan from the National Social Security Fund without exceeding guarantor’s annual income

  • Children's Social Protection Center : is either under court authorization of the family court judge or the Child Protection delegate urgent measures are taken by the Child Protection delegate in cases where children are threatened
  • El Amen Social Welfare Center : Accommodation is through Al‐Razi Hospital, provided that the child is without family support
  • Accommodation at Center for Supervision and Social Orientation : The charge is made either by correspondence from the Department of Social Promotion, local authorities, or the police or justice station.