Grants on religious feasts


Social advancement

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Aid on religious feasts is a  financial aid for poor individuals  or families benefiting from the  money transfer service, and it is  disbursed through a financial grant as the  following

  • 60 dinars on the month of  Ramadan for a person or a family,  to be paid no later than the first  week. 
  •  60 dinars on Eid  al‐Fitr, to be paid to the person or  the family before the end of the  month of Ramadan. 
  • 60 dinars on Eid al‐Adha, to be paid to the  person or the family before the  date of the feast. 

The target categories : 

  • Poor families benefiting from  direct monthly cash transfers 

Grant conditions /Legal framework

Grantt conditions:

  • Family benefit from the money transfer service

Texts and references:

  • Fundamental Law No. 2019- 10 of January 30, 2019, creating the “Social Amen” program.
  • Government Decree No. 2020- 317 of May 19, 2020 setting the terms and conditions for benefiting from, withdrawing from and opposing the “Social Amen” program.
  • The joint decree of the Minister of Social Affairs and the Minister of Finance dated 19 May 2020 relating to the determination of the cases of allocation and the amounts of circumstantial material aid for the benefit of the poor and lowincome groups