Health care and Occupational Safety

Medical labor inspection and  occupational security  field  occupies an exceptional role in  improving working conditions and  production, employees supervision and Institutions in public and private  sectors.  

Tunisia pays a great attention to the support of workers social  protection

Besides, the emergence of new types of occupational risks because of technological development, economic and social transformations as well as new working techniques , hence which faster the necessity to set up global integrated strategy to tackle professional risks, including objectives, indicators, mechanisms and programs that can ensure an adequate and safe work environment .

Department of Medical Inspection and Occupational Safety specilised by territory and General department of medical labor inspection.

Programs target this area




Inspection of health conditions and labor safety


Approval or renewal of certification of premises and equipment conceived for medical occupation


Approval or renewal of approval to recruit doctors to work as occupational physicians


Medical examinations and check –up of medical rehabilitation at work


Medical examinations and monitoring in the field of medical rehabilitation for work


Régler les litiges liés à la prolongation du temps de repos et s'assurer de la capacité de la personne blessée à reprendre…


Institutions, Structures and Centers

Inspection of Occupational Medicine and Occupational Safety Gabes

address: Regional Administration of Social Affairs 134, Avenue Mohamed Ali - 6000 - Gabes

phone:75.276.665- 75.275.145

Inspection of Occupational Medicine and Occupational Safety Kairouan

address: "SPROLS" building, Mansoura - 3100 - Kairouan


General Administration of Inspection of Occupational Medicine and Occupational Safety

address: 11 Nahj Muhammad Ali Jinnah -1002 - Tunisia


address: Administrative district of Ben Arous



address: Oued el Marj route cemetery of the martyrs 7000 Bizerte


Regional direction of Social Affairs in Kairouan

address: Bait al-Hakma Street, Mohammad Ali City Al Kairouan


Department of Occupational Medicine and Occupational Safety, Kasserine

address: 1 Abdel Aziz El-Telili Street, Kasserine


Inspection of occupational medicine and occupational safety, Siliana

address: Social Affairs Complex - Environment Street -- 6100 - Siliana


Inspection of labor medicine and adequate occupational safety

address: Al Saada City- 7000 - El Kef


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  • Law No. 1985-78 dated August 5, 1985, as amended and completed by Law No. 1999-28 dated April 3, 1999, relating to the organic law for the officials of offices, public establishments of an industrial and commercial nature, and state-owned companies or pub

  • Law No. 20 of 1989 dated February 22, 1989, regulating the exploitation of parcels

  • Law No. 1960-30 dated December 14, 1960, as amended by Law No. 1995-99 dated November 27, 1995, relating to the organization of social security systems

  • Law No. 27 of 1966 dated April 30, 1966, relating to the issuance of the Labor Code.

  • Law No. 51 of 1981 dated June 18, 1981 relating to protection against the dangers of ionizing radiation.

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  • Convention No. 12 relating to compensation for work accidents (agriculture)

  • Convention No. 13 relating to the use of white lead (in paint)

  • Convention No. 17 relating to compensation for work accidents

  • Convention No. 18 relating to compensation for occupational diseases

  • Convention No. 19 on Equal Treatment (Compensation for Work Accidents)

  • Convention No. 29 relating to forced or compulsory labor

  • Convention No. 45 relating to underground work (women)

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Tunisia also ratified the Arab Convention No. 7 of 1977 relating to occupational safety and health