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Social promotion

Develop approaches to social intervention by mobilizing to improve living conditions for eligible vulnerable populations, including poor and low-income groups, persons with disabilities, in danger and homeless persons.

Social security

Tunisia leans on distributive, contributory and solidarity system, based mainly on solidarity between generations at the financing of social security level

Employment and professional relations

Employmennt structures and professional relations are acting to ensure decent work in order to contribute to strengthening workers ability to produce in quantity and quality as well as ensure their safety , protection and social wellbeing

Migration and Tunisians Abroad

The rate of Tunisians abroad is estimated about 12% of the total population. As part of a new perspective, Tunisia tries to strengthen relations with Tunisians abroad as well as motivate them to contribute in the field’s development

Health and work safety

This field aims to promote health and safety at work by controlling over the working conditions, setting up tools to prevent avoid workplace Incidents and occupational diseases as well as the enhancing preventive mechanisms within companies

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Social protection for children: assistance, supervision, care and integration...

more details Social protection for children: assistance, supervision, care and integration...

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Medical certificate to apply for a disability card

Occupational doctor guidance card

Guidance card for a medical service to work for an organization


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A monthly allowance of 200 dinars for needy families



Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations



Tunisians Abroad