Medical examinations and check –up of medical rehabilitation at work


Occupational Health and Safety

Administrative office

Department of Medicinal Inspection and Occupational Safety territorially competent and General direction of medical labor inspection

Service Delivery Deadline

From one day to two months starting from the date of submitting the application

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Présentation du service

Concerned Categories / Service Requester

  • The  institution ‘s worker  which is submitted to the   labor code  provisions 
  • Trade union 
  • Employer
  • Labor inspector
  • Occupational physician

Grant conditions /Legal framework

  • The beneficiary must be submitted  to  the Labor code provisions  

File documents

  • An application  signed by whether  the  worker, the trade union, the  employer, the labor inspector or the  occupational physician
  • • A copy of the worker's medical file,  including copies of medical reports  and results of additional examinations 
  • A copy of the national identity card  of the worker concerned by The  medical check‐up