Migration and Tunisians Abroad

Migration is a global and multidimensional phenomenon that affects most countries in the world. It shapes economic, social and cultural development   both in the countries of origin and destination. The international and regional changes have encouraged Tunisia to promote its  migration policy in order to adress the issue  by adopting comprehensive approach that aims to unify visions.

As part of its institutional mission in the field of migration, the Ministry of Social Affairs has supported the creation of the Office of Tunisians Abroad since 1988, which plays a pivotal role in raising the awareness of Tunisians residing abroad through social network distributed in many  countries where the Tunisian community is present.The Office is also responsible for monitoring and implementing cultural and social programs for the benefit of Tunisians abroad and for the benefit of their families in countries of residence and strengthening their identity ties with Tunisia.

The National Observatory on Migration was created in 2014 to address data gaps and assess key migration trends, enhance national capacities in data collection, analysis and dissemination to share data ; then ensure  updating its documentation in order to  undertake research and studies related to migration.

Its mission is to ensure coordination between the different national institutions and contribute to the design and evaluation of programmes and policies aimed at promoting the status of tunisians abroad and strengthening their attachment to the country and their contributions to development efforts.

Migration program and Tunisians abroad targets:

Tunisians residing abroad

- Children of tunisians abroad who remain in the home country

Foreign immigrants in tunisia


Monitoring migration, collecting information and data at the national and international level as well as updating, analyzing…


Supervision of Tunisians abroad


Online services


Teaching Arabic



The regional delegation of the office of Tunisians abroad, Gabes

address: 92 El Mokawloon Street 6000 Gabes


The regional delegate of the office of Tunisians abroad kebeli

address: Al-Biz Post Office 4200 Qibli


The regional delegation of the office of Tunisians abroad, Tozeur

address: Avenue Habib Bourguiba Tunis Tozeur 2200


The regional delegation of the office of Tunisians abroad, Gafsa

address: Tripoli Street, Al Shabab District, PO Box 61, 2133 Gafsa


The regional delegation of the office of Tunisians abroad, Sidi Bouzid

address: Mohamed Bouazizi Street PO Box 85 - Foundation Building Sidi Bouzid 9100


The regional delegation of the office of Tunisians abroad, Kasserine

address: Al-Gomhoria Street, Monsef Yahyaoui, PO Box 298 - 1200 - Kasserine


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  • Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees

  • Decree No. 89-107 issued on January 10, 1989, extending the social security system for Tunisian workers abroad

  • Decree No. 2014-3030 dated April 30, 2014 establishing the National Observatory for Migration and determining its administrative and financial organization

  • Organic Law n° 2016-61 dated 3 August 2016 relating to the prevention and combating of trafficking in persons

  • Decree No. 89-107 of January 10, 1989, extending the social security system to Tunisian workers abroad.

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Has bin operationnal

Framework Agreement on the Consensual Conduct of Migration and Solidarity Development and the Executive Protocol on Consensual Action on Migration and Solidarity Development with the French Republic

28 April 2008

01 July 2009

Agreement on cooperation in the field of immigration with the Swiss Confederation

11 June 2012

Basic Law No. 2014-13 dated April 18, 2014

Minutes of the joint session on negotiations related to mobility, consensual behavior in the field of migration, voluntary return and solidarity development between the Government of the Republic of Tunisia and the Government of the German Federal Republic (Tunisia 22 and 23 February 2017)

02 March 2017

Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in the field of consensual migration, solidarity development and security between the Government of the Republic of Tunisia and the Federal Government of the Kingdom of Belgium

17 July 2018

Partnership Agreement for Mobility with the European Union

14 March 2014