Occasional Grants


Social advancement

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Présentation du service

it is a service in the form of financial assistance aimed at supporting and guaranteeing the necessary needs of poor and low-income families who are in critical financial and health conditions.

It mainly concerns the purchase of medicines, nappies, the supply of infant food, coverlets, simple household equipment, the carrying out of tests and the payment of transport and health care costs, or even the contribution to a specific salvation for rent in certain cases of emergency, and the contribution to the compensation of some of the damage resulting from catastrophic conditions and the immediate commitment in cases of social work in the street.

The amount of assistance varies between a minimum of 30 dinars and a maximum of 100 dinars, depending on the degree of family need, and the maximum can be exceeded in exceptional cases.


  • This service can be used up to 4 times a year

The target category:

  • Poor or low-income families

Grant conditions /Legal framework

Granting conditions:

  • The family either benefits from the services of the “Amen Social” program or is eligible and complies with the provisions of Chapter 5 of the Government decree No. 317 of May 19, 2020 relating to the setting of the conditions and procedures for benefiting from the “Amen Social” program, its withdrawal and contestation, and the requirements of Circular No. 19 relating to aid and circumstantial assistance under the program social action in schools.

Texts and references:

  • Circular no. 19 relating to situational assistance and assistance within the framework of the social action program in schools.

File documents

  • All documents proving social status or health condition