Renewal of handicap card


Social advancement

Administrative office

Local Social Promotion Unit

Service Delivery Deadline

45 days from the date of filing

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Présentation du service

The handicap card varies according to the nature and degree of the disability, and is symbolized by exponents in the form of lines:

  • One line: Mild handicap
  • Two lines: Moderate handicap
  • Three lines: Deep handicap

Card Validity : The disability card is valid for 5 or 10 years on the proposal of the direct doctor and after approval by the regional committee for disabled people

Grant conditions /Legal framework

Decree No. 2005-3086 of November 29, 2005 relating to the creation of regional commissions for people with disabilities, the setting of disability criteria and the conditions for granting the disability card. amended by decree no. 2006-1859 of July 3

File documents

  • A written request on behalf of the Minister of Social Affairs
  • Birth Certificate
  • Copy of national identity card for adults, or guardian's card for non-adults
  • Two photos
  • A medical certificate in order to get "Disability card" delivered by the direct doctor according to the form available whether at the Local Social Promotion Units or withdrawn from the Ministry website

Submission of file / Service Delivery Deadline

  1. The application should be submitted to the closet geographically local unit of Social promotion to applicant (home)
  2. The reply must be done within 45 days from the date of submitting the application
  3. The file is presented on behalf of the Regional Committee of Persons with Disabilities under the Department of Social Promotion located in each governorate


  • Priority of reception in  administrations, institutions and  public and private establishments
  • Use of designated places for public  and private transit 
  • Free care, medication and  accommodation in public health  structures 
  • Free transport and reduced‐fare  transport for the beneficiary on  collective road public transport lines,  and facilities for a person with a  severe disability allow the same  privileges 
  • Transport at a rate equal to 50% of  the normal rate for air and sea  transport 
  • Free transport of the mobility  machine for public land, air and sea  transport 
  • Use of temporary stops and  designated places for public shelters 
  • Free entry to museums,  archaeological spaces, sports  stadiums and public entertainment  spaces