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The direct monthly financial transfers (aids to needy families) are social assistance intended for poor or low-income individuals or families as a monthly financial aid ( about 200 dinars). It aims to help the poor and low-income categories and reduce poverty.

The target categories :

  • Poor or low-income people
  • Poor or low income families

Grant conditions /Legal framework

Granting conditions

  • The applicant for the Amen social program must be at least 18 years old on the date of submission of the application; this age may exceptionally be to sixteen years. The applicant must be without income, or the monthly average income does not exceed an amount equivalent to: Two-thirds of the guaranteed minimum wage for various professions per person
  • Guaranteed minimum wage for various professions for families whose number is equal to two persons. One and a half times the guaranteed minimum wage for the various professions for families whose number varies between three and four
  • Twice the guaranteed minimum wage of the various professions for families whose number is equal to or greater than five Taking into consideration the number of family members, husband and wife, and the number of children and having sponsorship who reside under the same roof and share food.
  • The monthly average income is increased by half of the guaranteed minimum wage for various professions if one of the sponsored family members has a deep disability
  • Income means the monthly average of the total net fixed and non-fixed income obtained by the individual or family during the 12 months preceding the filing of the application for benefits and derived from wages, salaries, subsidies, economic activities, assets real properties , furniture and other sources
  • It is necessary for the applicant in order to benefit from the service that he does not own an additional dwelling on the date of filing the application.Benefiting from wages, salaries,subsidies, economic activities, real property , furniture and other sources
  • It indicates that the applicant or one of his family members must not have carried out purchase or sale transactions for an amount greater than 30 times the guaranteed minimum wage during the last three years preceding the date of submission of the application.

Texts and references:

  • Fundamental Law n° 2019-10 of January 30, 2019, creating the “Amen Social” program. Government Decree No. 2020-317 of May 19, 2020 setting the terms and conditions for benefiting from, withdrawing from and opposing the “Amen Social” program.
  • The joint order of the Minister of Social Affairs and the Minister of Finance of 19 May 2020 setting the method of calculation and the amount of direct financial transfers for the benefit of deprived category benefiting from the "Amen social" program.
  • The joint circular between the Ministers of the Interior and Social Affairs n°3 of May 27, 2011 relating to the National Program of Assistance to Needy Families

File documents

Required documents :

  • A completed application for the benefit of the social security program
  • Birth act for each family member
  • A copy of the national identity card for each family member over the age of 18
  • A copy of the national identity card for married children, residents and non-residents with the family
  • Certificate of attendance for children who are either pupils or who are registered in vocational training establishments or special education establishments for people with disabilities
  • Certificate of enrollment for students
  • A photo of the head of the family and the spouse
  • A copy of the latest water and electricity consumption bills
  • A copy of the treatment card, if applicable, “with different types”.

Required documents according to the following cases:

  • Illness or Disability: Medical certificate for chronic or severely ill individuals
  • Disability: A copy of a valid disability card
  • Sponsorship of relatives: a residence certificate for each individual
  • Quarantine or the guarantee of minors or those who have no support: Ruling on submitting a legal guarantee or certificate
  • Divorce: A copy of the divorce judgment or a certificate of publication of a case in divorce
  • Child abandonment: A copy of an alimony judgment or certificate in publishing a case of child abandonment
  • Death of the head of the family: a copy of the death certificate
  • Absence of the head of the family: a copy of a judgment of loss or a report from the police station 
  • Imprisonment of the head of the family: a copy of a prison sentence or a visiting card
  • Rented house: A copy of the rental contract

Submission of file / Service Delivery Deadline

  1. The Local Social promotion Unit receives and registers the request to benefit from the program (assignment of a unique identifier)
  2. Studying the request : documentary research and field research
  3. Making the necessary intersections
  4. Inserting data into the system information and launch of the decision form (score)
  5. The final decision to grant the service by the regional commission
  6. Informing the candidate about the decision