Tunisia/Algeria sign executive programme of joint partnership agreement on employment and professional relations

Social Affairs Minister Malek Ezzahi and Algerian Minister of Employment and Social Security Youssef Charfa on Monday Novembre 07, 2022  in Algiers, signed the executive programme of the joint partnership agreement in employment and professional relations field for 2022, 2023 and 2024.
The agreement provides for the setting up of a joint technical commission made up of three members from each side to monitor and develop the partnership.
The executive programme of the partnership agreement seeks to boost cooperation between Tunisia and Algeria in the fields of employment, labour relations, health, safety at work, experience and studies exchange and the joint organisation of training sessions on new work methods and the digitalisation of labour inspection services.
The aim is also to reintegrate people laid off for economic reasons through government programmes, combat child labour, step up social dialogue, develop programmes for decent employment and transition from the informal to the formal sector. (TAP)